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Certificate III Early Childhood Qualifications

Most qualification requirements are set out in part 4.4 of the National Regulations (Education and Care Services National Regulations). Please be aware that many states and territories have saving and transitional provisions which affect qualification requirements – those provisions are included in chapter 7 of the National Regulations. For state or territory specific saving and transitional provisions, please contact the relevant regulatory authority.

QLD only recognises specific international qualifications approved in Queensland prior to 1 January 2012. These qualifications are accepted in addition to the nationally recognised qualifications on the lists of approved and former approved Certificate 3 and diploma qualifications.

For QLD enquiries contact:

Qualification Requirements for Certificate III

Birth to preschool age

From 1 January 2014 in all states and territories:

All other educators required to meet the relevant ratios at the service must have, or be actively working towards at least an approved certificate III level education and care qualification.

An educator is actively working towards a qualification if they:

  • Are enrolled in the course for the qualification; and
  • Provide the approved provider with documentary evidence from the provider of the course that:
    • The educator has commenced the course; and
    • Is making satisfactory progress towards completion of the course; and
    • Is meeting the requirements for maintaining the enrolment; and
    • In the case of an approved diploma level education and care qualification, the educator:
      • Holds an approved Certificate 3 level education and care qualification or
      • Has completed the units of study in an approved certificate III level education and care qualification.

Over preschool age

From 1 January 2012 in VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT:

There are no national qualification requirements for educators at centre-based services educating and caring for children who are over preschool age. State and territory qualification requirements (if applicable) continue to apply. See the lists of Approved Qualification requirements for children over preschool age.