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Certified Supervisor and Authorised Supervisor Requirements

An educator with a supervisor certificate may consent to be placed in day-to-day charge of the education and care service.

The designation must be made by the Approved Provider or the Nominated Supervisor and accepted in writing by the Certified Supervisor.

A Certified Supervisor placed in day-to-day charge of an Approved Service does not have the same responsibilities under the National Law as the Nominated Supervisor. A supervisor certificate is a personal approval and is ongoing unless suspended, cancelled or surrendered. A supervisor certificate is not attached to a particular service, which means a person will not have to reapply for a supervisor certificate if they move to another state or territory. Relief educators can apply for a supervisor certificate.

A supervisor certificate is not a qualification.

The applicant must have:

  • Adequate knowledge and understanding of the provision of education and care to children
  • The ability to effectively supervise and manage an education and care service
  • AND - have at least one of the following:
    • At least three years’ experience working as an educator in an education and care service or children’s service or school, or
    • An approved diploma-level education and care qualification, or
    • An approved early childhood teacher qualification.

What forms need to be filled out for Supervisor Certificates?

  • Form CS01 Application for supervisor certificate
  • PA02 Declaration of fitness and propriety
  • CSDF 3 Working With Children Check/police check/criminal history check consent forms
  • You get the first two from the ACECQA website

Please note: In NSW only you are required to have completed a course in Child Protection from an approved provider

You can get the WWCC/police check and Criminal history check forms or information from the individual state and territory Regulatory Authorities.

When sending to your state/territory Regulatory Authority you will need to attach the following:

  • A resume;
  • A copy of your qualification;
  • For the WWCC check, attach 100 points of ID - originals or in the case of Birth Certificate a certified copy.

You will need to pay an application fee of $30.