Winter Star Candidates

Winter Star Candidates!

24 September, 2019

Winter Star Candidates!

Congratulations to our Stars for July!

ACT Star Candidate – Yasmina

Yasmina has been part of our Expect A Star casual educator team for one year and has been a great help! Clients tell us that she engages really well with children of all age groups and helps out wherever needed. Yasmina is an enthusiastic and passionate educator and we’re happy to have her as part of our team. The team appreciates Yasmina for her flexibility to travel to different locations all over Canberra, often on very short notice.
Thank you for your hard work!

QLD Star Candidate – Laiken

Laiken is our Star Candidate for Queensland in July!
Laiken has been a great help for the Expect A Star team throughout the busy month of July. She is enthusiastic and happy to travel to different After-School Care services for us. Clients tell us that Laiken is very proactive and always follows directions. The team appreciates that she is very reliable and friendly on the phone.

VIC Star Candidate – Jade

Jade has only just recently joined Expect A Star but quickly became a regular at centres we send her to. Jade is a dedicated and passionate educator who is happy to help out wherever needed. Clients tell us that she is engaging with children and staff members very well and using her initiative to make the day easier for permanent staff members. We really appreciate Jade’s hard work and are happy to have her as part of the Expect A Star casual team in Victoria.
Congratulations and well done Jade!

NSW Star Candidate – Mia

Mia has been part of our Expect A Star casual team since 2016.
She is a regular at several centres and always receives positive feedback from clients. Clients tell us that Mia is very proactive and helps out wherever needed. We are told that Mia engages very well with all different age groups and always very friendly.
Congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work over the years!

We are also happy to announce our stars for the busy month of August.

QLD Star Candidate – Jennifer

Jennifer is a passionate Diploma educator who has been working with Expect A Star since May and only receives positive feedback everywhere we send her to! Clients tell us that Jenny is always very keen to do anything required and offering her help whenever she can. She also engages very well with children of different age groups and quickly builds rapport with children and permanent educators at centres. The team appreciates that Jennifer is a very flexible candidate who is happy to work in  long day care and OSHC services for us.
Well done Jennifer!

VIC Star Candidate – Stephanie

Since starting at Expect A Star in May Stephanie has become a sought after candidate with every centre she has worked at. Centres tell us that Stephanie is amazing and a pleasure to work with. Stephanie is also always responsive to instructions and interactive with the children. The team appreciates that she is very flexible and always happy to help out with shifts.
Thank you for your hard work Stephanie!

NSW Star Candidate – Joanna

Joanna is our start candidate for August in NSW!
She has been working with us since 2017 and is a regular with lots of our clients. The team appreciates that Joanna is always happy to travel for us and take last minute shifts. Centres tell us that she always is very positive and enthusiastic and helps out wherever needed. Joanna engages well with children and staff members and is confident working across all different age group rooms.
Congratulations Joanna!

ACT Star Candidate – Victoria

Victoria is a an enthusiastic Diploma qualified educator and our star candidate for August in Canberra!
She regularly gets requested back to centres we send her to. Clients tell us Victoria is very flexible and great floating through different rooms. She is a great help to permanent staff members on the day and engages very well with children, staff members and families.  Victoria has a hands on attitude and uses her initiative to help out wherever needed. The team appreciates her friendliness and communication over the phone.
Thank you for your hard work Victoria!

In honour of Early Childhood Educators Day on the 4th of September we choose this day to recognise our Star Candidate of the Year!

Here’s a little about Joanne, who won this year’s award:

Joanne is our Star Candidate of the Year from 2018-2019! Since Joanne started working with us in 2016 she has quickly become a regular at many centres she attends. Centres often comment on her motivation and passion for early childhood education. Joanne is always very positive and friendly, being a great help for permanent staff members! She is confident building relationships and engaging with all the children in her care. The team in the office appreciates Joanne’s flexibility and reliability in busy times. We would like to say a huge congratulation and thank you to Joanne for her commitment over the last years!

Thank you Joanne, we look forward to continuing to work with you!

Joanne won access to an Online Training Tutorial from Gowrie NSW to further his training & development

If you want more details check out the link here