Why should Educators work with a Recruitment Agency?

Why should you work with an Agency?

12 July, 2022

Why should you work with an Agency?

Why should educators work with a Recruiter

Has it been forever since you have applied for a job? Job-hunting can be time-consuming and daunting at first. Whether you are looking for a new role or leaving your current position to explore new opportunities, the thought of having a new career is often hindered by the difficulty in job hunting. 

Instead of applying to multiple jobs and not hearing back from these companies in a timely manner. Let us help you to make the process easier and uncomplicated. If you decide to work with a childcare recruiter, we will match you with a centre that aligns with your values and philosophy. So now, we will talk about FOUR reasons you should work with a recruiter for your next role!  


What is a recruitment Agency

An Early Childhood recruitment agency creates partnerships with childcare services and helps them find the right candidate. In the industry partner’s point of view, we help them fill their current openings with candidates that possess the perfect skills, qualifications and match their mission and vision. At the same time, we help our candidates to find their perfect job according to their interests, career goals, values and philosophies. We also help them become outstanding candidates, making them exceptional by highlighting their qualities and skill sets effectively. 


FOUR reasons you should work with an Early Childhood recruiter for your next role:

  1. We have the skills, industry knowledge and contacts that allow us to negotiate higher salary packages and added benefits on your behalf

As Early Childhood recruiters, we listen and understand. That is why we are trained to negotiate salary and benefits packages for the perfect candidate. We all want to be rewarded accordingly and we will make it happen for you.

       2. We listen to what you want in a service and aim to find you roles according to your needs

As Early Childhood recruiters, we pick and recommend clients according to your values and philosophy. At the same time, establishing a strong relationship with a recruiter will save you a huge amount of time in doing your job search as we will find you a fitting position that perfectly aligns your skills and qualities.

       3. We alleviate the pressure of job searching

When you apply for a job with your own effort, your application along with other dozens or even hundred applicants will be in the same pool. This highlights the huge risk of you being missed out and unnoticed. Working with an Early Childhood Recruiters makes your chances of landing the perfect role higher as we are in partnership with various childcare centres looking for candidates with the same qualifications as you! Say farewell to the long waiting game of hearing back from employers after an interview.

       4. We make our candidates stand out

As Early Childhood recruiters, we have the know-how to customize your CV/Resume to make you stand out against the rest.  Recruiters and hiring managers don’t spend more than a few moments scanning through a resume. For a candidate to stand out, an outstanding CV/Resume, and cover letter is the perfect first impression. Writing a CV for your first job is a tedious and daunting task. This is why we are here to help! We recruiters can help customize your CV giving you the extra edge among the rest. 


It’s important to feel valued and recognized, that’s why we aim to build a great and genuine relationship with everyone including clients and candidates.  As people in the workforce, we also value our candidates’ talents and skills. We help them shine and stand out among others who try their chances because we want them to be recognised and acknowledged in the best way possible. 

Are you interested in working with an Early Childhood Recruiter? Come and talk to us!


Written by Julienne Balcos | Permanent Recruitment Consultant