Star Candidates September 2018

Star Candidates September 2018

15 October, 2018

Star Candidates September 2018

A big congratulations to our Star Candidates for September 2018!

ACT - Rachna

Rachna is a valued new addition to the ACT casual team! She has made herself available regularly for work throughout September and has begun to be requested as a regular by clients. We appreciate her flexibility and clear communication with team! Thank you for your support during this busy time of year!

NSW - Allie

Allie has made a wonderful impression on staff at many of the centres she has visited. We regularly hear positive feedback from the centres she visits, including one who passed praise from parents! We appreciate the fantastic relationships Allie builds with children, parents and the staff in our office!

QLD – Samara

Congratulations to Samara for being picked as Star Candidate for September in Queensland! Samara only joined Expect A Star in September and throughout the month she has worked nearly every day. She has quickly become a regular face at some centres and has slotted into the team wonderfully!

VIC – Georgia

Georgia only started working for Expect A Star in September this year and she has already become a preferred candidate at the centres she has so far worked at. The centres think Georgia is fantastic!! She always exudes a positive and professional attitude, she is also able to quickly form a positive rapport with families and the children really enjoy her company and feel very comfortable around her. We are also told that Georgia is always happy to help out wherever necessary and the centres really appreciate her helpful nature. We also find Georgia to be a polite and helpful candidate; she is flexible and always willing to accept shifts at short notice. Thank you and well done Georgia!