Star Candidates - October 2021

Star Candidates - October 2021

3 November, 2021

Star Candidates - October 2021

Congratulations to all of our amazing Star Candidates for the month of October! You've made such an impact to our Centres and we can't wait to see what you will achieve in the months to come. 


Katie - Queensland 

Katie is lovely to speak with and always very kind to us. She has been added to the preferred list of the centres she travels to and travels to any centre that if offered to her. Katie is also flexible with her start/finish times which supports the centres really well.


Amelia (Milly) - New South Wales

Milly is always so kind and communicates really well with us. Milly works 5 days a week and  goes out of her way to far from home when needed, and always flexible with the shift times. She has worked through the lockdowns and always called for work whenever she is available.


Shakira - Victoria

Shakira always answers her phone and is so reliable morning of or in advance. Shakira is often requested back at centres that she goes go and worked through the lockdown period when asked of her. She never says no to a shift and is always so polite and well-mannered J such an amazing candidate and the centre loves her!!