Star Candidates - November 2021

Star Candidates - November 2021

7 December, 2021

Star Candidates - November 2021

Congratulations to our Star Candidates for the month of November! The winners have shown responsibility, eagerness, reliability all month and have worked tirelessly to make sure our Centres have been looked after with care. 


Caroline (Victoria): 

She was activated mid-November and since then she has done an amazing job – picking up lots of shifts and travelling over an hour for work. She has kept us and our clients very happy. Eearly Childhood Teacher’s can be hard to find so it’s so good to have one readily available and keen to work.


Bernadette (NSW):

She is always so sweet on the phone & to the team. Is so consistent with work each week & always willing to travel to many different locations and centres, always gets great feedback from the centres + so reliable!! She always takes initiative at the centre


Leah (QLD): 

Leah lives in an area where there is high demand for work and she is always willing to travel and work in different locations. She works 4-5 days every week and always gets great feedback from every centre she works at. She is very prompt with her phone always & the team absolutely adore her!