Star Candidates May 2021

Star Candidates May 2021

9 June, 2021

Star Candidates May 2021

Put your hands together to applaud our latest Star Candidates for May 2021. We are so proud to have a workforce full of passionate, caring, and dedicated people!

Congratulations to the following educators who have been recognised for their star-quality efforts.

ACT – Qin (Clare)
Claire calls every morning looking for work and is always keen to do shifts. She works most days and always answers her phone when we call. The consultants love talking to her because she is so cheerful on the phone and give us a positive mindset after every call!

QLD – Pak Fan (Carol)
Carol always answers her phone at 6.30am when we call her for work – she is always requested back and is very dependable at every centre we send her out to. Carol used to work with us in NSW and has now moved to QLD and continues to be one of our favourite casuals no matter where we send her out to.

NSW – Sarah
Sarah has worked with us for a while now, she is always willing to work and is always requested back to the centre we send her out to. She is currently doing a block of work and the centre is loving her!

VIC - Sarita Devi 
Since the increase in needs in VIC Sarita has gone above and beyond for us – she has travelled everywhere we have asked of her and she has been requested back at all services we have sent her out to. If we could clone staff Sarita would be the first on our list.