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Star Candidates March 2019

9 April, 2019

Star Candidates March 2019

Congratulations to our star's for the month for March! Once again we are seeing a fantastic effort from our candidates and here are our latest star's who stood out this month:

VIC Star Candidate - Kamalpreet

Kamalpreet returned to Expect A Star in August last year and has again established herself as a preferred educator, being consistently requested back to centres she has worked at. We are told that Kamalpreet is extremely helpful to the permanent staff and families have also commented on her welcoming nature. Kamalpreet also makes an effort to get to know children’s names and she has been observed engaging in meaningful

interactions with children of all ages.  Thank you for your hard work Kamalpreet!

ACT Star Candidate - Ajith (Monica) 

Monica has only recently joined Expect A Star but has quickly become a valuable part of our casual team in Canberra. She always receives good feedback from centres she has been working with. The team appreciates that Monica is happy to travel to various locations and often on short notice.

Thank you for your hard work and congratulations Monica!

NSW Star Candidate - Kate (Seung Yeon) 

Our Star Candidate for NSW this month has been chosen by one of our clients as they would like to thank Kate for her help and support during one particular shift. Kate stepped up to the challenge when the centre had a particularly tricky incident and they felt she deserved a special thank you! Kate understands how important it is to be part of the team when you are a casual educator.

QLD Star Candidate - Georgie 

Georgie has been chosen as Star Candidate for March 2019 for our QLD casual team due to her dedication and enthusiasm to working with Expect A Star. Georgie is happy to be flexible with where she travels and the centres always enjoy having her help out for the day!