Early Childhood Educators - Star Candidates

Star Candidates June 2019

23 July, 2019

Star Candidates June 2019

Well done to our Expect A Star Candidates for June 2019! Congratulations to the following stars for all of your wonderful work in the Early Childhood sector.

QLD Star Candidate - June

Throughout June has been enthusiastic to work and has become a firm favourite at a number of childcare centres. She is regularly requested back and communicated brilliantly with the EAS team so we have awarded her with Star Candidate QLD for June 2019!

VIC Star Candidate - Matina

Matina is a dedicated and passionate teacher who is able to very quickly form positive rapport with children, staff and families at the centres. All of the centres that Matina has worked at have provided glowing feedback about Matina’s professional approach, her willingness to step up and lead as well as assist where needed, and her ability to help ease the stress in the room. We really appreciate Matina’s hard work and being a helpful and dependable candidate. Thank you and well done Matina!

NSW Star Candidate  - Chito

Chito has been chosen as our Star Candidate for June in NSW!

She has quickly become a regular at centres she works at and gets requested back continuously. Our clients praise her flexibility and ability to engage with children of all age groups. The team here at Expect A Star appreciates her reliability and positive attitude. Thank you for your hard work and congratulations!

ACT Star Candidate – Mellissa

Mellissa only recently joined Expect A Star and quickly became a preferred candidate at centres. Clients tell us that Mellissa always shows great initiate at centres and engages really well with children and permanent staff members. Congratulations Mellissa for being our star candidate this month and thank you for your help!