Star Candidate June 2018

Star Candidates June 2018

11 July, 2018

Star Candidates June 2018

NSW - Carmen 

Carmen has been chosen as our Star Candidate for June 2018! Carmen  commenced working with Expect A Star in January 2017 and has worked many shifts over the last 2.5 years. During this time, she has proven to be very flexible, reliable and an amazing educator. She has become a regular at many centres and is continuously requested back. The team here at EAS always find Carmen a delight to talk to and are happy to send her to new clients as she always receives such great feed back! Well done and congratulations Carmen, you have been a great asset to the casual team!

VIC - Daniela 

Daniela only started working for Expect A Star in June this year and has already become a favourite at all of the centres she has worked at. She is constantly requested back and the centre staff always praise her for being flexible, adaptable to different environments and able to jump straight into the centre daily routines without being guided. She is extremely helpful and the centres really appreciate this! Daniela is also clearly passionate about educating and caring for young children and this is reflected in her positive and meaningful interactions with children of all ages.  Our team at the office also appreciate Daniela’s positive and friendly attitude towards our casual processes and also her willingness to help out with shifts.  Thank you and well done Daniela!

QLD - Imogen 

We have chosen Imogen for our June winner in QLD. Imogen started working with us at the start of the year and has quickly become a fantastic casual staff who is loved at every centre she has worked at! She updates us promptly with her availabilities, is happy to travel for us and is also very friendly to the team over the phone.

ACT - Delani 

Delani is star candidate for June 2018 due to her reliability and flexibility. She is always keen to work which is a real help to the Casual team during the busiest season and she is comfortable driving to locations which are further away from her home.  Centers happily request her back regularly as she always jumps in to lend a hand.