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Star Candidates July, August & September 2017

14 December, 2017

Star Candidates July, August & September 2017

Congratulations to the following star candidates for the months of July,  August and September as these were our busiest months of the year we were not able to highlight their contribution at the time. We now would like commend and acknowledge all our candidates and show that we do value their continued dedication to their work.

JULY 2017

VIC : Anu 

Anu has been with Expect A Star since March 2017. During this time Anu has been a reliable and trustworthy candidate and has managed to obtain consistent work for our most valued clients. Her aim is to provide the best possible care and support to the children and educators. She embraces the opportunity to work with different centres and her positive attitude has contributed greatly to the abundance of work. The team here at Expect A Star are more than happy to award her the title of July’s Star Candidate of the Month for VIC.

NSW: Maryam 

Maryam is Expect A  Star’s July Star candidate for NSW. Maryam joined our company in August 2015 and it is about time that we reward her for her efforts. Maryam loves working for different centres, meeting new children, staff and families and building positive relationships. The centres love her approach and have continuously requested her back. Her positive attitude towards her role does not go astray, and has proved to always be dependable and reliable throughout the time that she has worked with us. The Casual team are always confident in Maryam and gladly reward her with Star candidate of the Month!

ACT: Christina 

Christina is our Canberra star candidate for July 2017! She started working with Expect A Star in July 2016 and has since worked at many centres across Canberra. She is a responsible candidate and always provides her best effort as an educator to meet the needs of the children. She always calls in to let us know her availabilities and is happy to travel to wherever we have shifts. She has proven to be dependable and reliable and has become a favourite at many centres in Canberra. The Casual Team is always confident that Christina will get involved, be helpful and interact well with the children, developing strong relationships with both the kids and the staff. EAS wishes you Congratulations Christina, on your continual enthusiasm and effort!

QLD: Nikita 

Nikita is QLD’s July Star candidate. Nikita started working with Expect A Star in August 2016 and she came to us straight out of her student work placement experience. Since joining us she has been a wonderful and outgoing addition to our casual pool. Her experience and knowledge has truly developed and she has demonstrated this through her positive attitude to educators and children at centres. She always receives positive feedback and is continuously requested back to the same centres. .  The Casual team at Expect a star would love to thank and congratulate Sophia on her fantastic effort.


VIC : Jennifer

Expect A Star would like to award star candidate for the month of August to Jennifer. During August, centres commented on how they “loved her and she is always great” she has a great personality and is always enthusiastic to get involved in the activities with the children. A number of centres were keen to have Jennifer return to help them out on repeated occasions describing her as ‘super helpful, always proactive and polite!” What a great representative of Expect A Star. Well done Jennifer!

QLD: Leigh

During the month of August Leigh was keen and flexible to help us out with last minute shifts. The staff at Expect A Star HQ always know they can rely on Leigh to help us out with shifts at the last minute and change her plans whenever possible! We really appreciate her willingness to help out with both short afternoon OSHC shifts as well as long days, making her a firm favourite at many centres within the Gold Coast. We are very happy to award Leigh Star candidate of August 2017.

NSW: Kim 

Kim has been chosen as Star candidate for August 2017. Kim has worked with us since August 2014 and has been a reliable and dependable candidate since she started working for us. She has consistently gone above and beyond our expectations travelling to many centres. Her enthusiasm, helpful and friendly attitude has made her a favourite at every centre.  She has been a great representative of Expect A Star and we are very glad to award her with Star Candidate! Well done Kim!

ACT: Saher 

We have chosen Saher as the ACT Star Candidate for August 2017 as she is reliable, willing to travel and is consistently receiving great feedback from centres who describe Saher as a friendly candidate who uses her initiative and is helpful in all areas. We would like to Thank Saher for all of her hard work and success in her role as a causal educator and on behalf of the Expect A Star team we congratulate Saher on being this month’s star candidate!

September 2017

VIC : Michael

Michael Gannaway is the VIC Star Candidate for September 2017! Michael has been with Expect A Star since 2007 and has consistently worked with us since then! During this time he has been continuously requested back to our most valued clients. He is always willing to travel to wherever the shifts are in Melbourne. He is an amazing role model to the children, always confident, reliable and enthusiastic! Expect A Star are truly grateful to have Michael on board with us and congratulate him on his fantastic effort at centres. He has been a great asset to the casual pool over the last 10 years!!

NSW: Warren 

Warren is September 2017’s Star candidate for NSW! He has been with us since July 2017 and prior to working with EAS he holds 18 years experience in the Early childhood industry. When he was inducted we knew that he would be a great asset to EAS and has proven this throughout the many shifts he has completed. He is a lovely gentleman with a lot of enthusiasm for working with children. The Casual Team is always confident that Warren will get involved, be helpful and interact well with the children, developing strong relationships with both the kids and the staff. Congratulations Warren!

ACT: Saher 

Expect A Star would like to award start candidate for the month of September to Saher again. She was the star candidate for last month and she has been consistently working since and has been a great representative of Expect A Star across these 2 months. Well done Saher and we congratulate you on your exceeding contribution!

QLD: Eva

The QLD star candidate for September 2017 is Eva Johansson! Eva has been working with us since June 2017 and has been a regular at many centres in Brisbane. Eva loves working with children and this is shown through fantastic feedback she continuously receives from centres. She is a passionate educator and has a keen eye for children’s welfare and development. Eva is studying towards her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and will make a great Early childhood Teacher upon completion. As a mature aged candidate she brings forth a wealth of experience and knowledge. The team here at Expect A Star appreciate Eva’s dedication and enthusiasm. She is a great representative of EAS and we congratulate Eva on being Brisbane’s star candidate for September 2017.