Star Candidates - July 2021

Star Candidates - July 2021

9 August, 2021

Star Candidates - July 2021

An especially large shout out to our Star Candidates for July. While you WOW us everyday, you have persevered and remained reliable throughout some really tough times. We appreciate you and we know our Centres do too! 

VIC - Sapanaben

Sapanaben is one of our really great, reliable casuals in Victoria, she is always ringing for the priority list, always willing to travel to a variety of different centres, we know that we can call her later in the morning when we have an urgent shift nearby and can trust that she will be on her way within the hour. Thank you Sapanaben for your continued hard work during this time!


NSW - Sung Suk (Joy)

Joy is one of our amazing ECT educators in NSW! She is very reliable and we can always count on her if we call her for a shift that is last minute. Whenever we had shifts in advance and have messaged Joy, she has always become available and let us know ASAP! Joy has been working 4-5 days a week over the lockdown period in Sydney so we really appreciate her support! And a special  shout out to Joy’s husband as she drives her to her shifts and back!! Thank you Joy!


QLD - Dragana

The team loves Dragana, she is a free spirit and is always willing to travel to a big variety of centres for us, she is very reliable in the sense that we know if we reach out to her we will get a response back ASAP, her communication skills with us are excellent and she has a really lovely warm nature that both the Team and centres love, well done Dragana!


ACT - Ubani

Ubani is one of our really hard working, reliable casuals in ACT, he is highly requested by our ACT centres and is always willing to work! Ubani is a great addition to the EAS Team, Well Done Ubani!


Thank you again to all of our Star Candidates!