Star Candidates January & February

Star Candidates January & February

13 March, 2020

Star Candidates January & February

We would like to congratulate our star candidates over January and February. Thank you so much for your hard work in the early childhood sector. Please read below to see who they are!

January Star Candidates

ACT – Hugh

Hugh Meredith has been awarded the ACT star candidate for January 2020! Hugh has been chosen as the star candidate for receiving positive feedback from our clients. They have expressed to the casual team that he is an amazing casual who gets on with all of the staff and children and is always happy to help. It is this great work ethic and his enthusiastic nature that makes Hugh such a fabulous casual staff. Thanks Hugh for your hard work and Congrats!


NSW - Marie-Brigitte

Marie-Brigitte has been working with Expect A Star since 2017 and is consistently requested at centers which is why she has been awarded as the Star Candidate for January! Centers love Marie-Brigitte and praise her for her fantastic ability to build strong relationships with children and staff, asking the right questions and helping wherever necessary. The team appreciates her friendliness on the phone and her hard work over the years. Congratulations Marie-Brigitte!!


QLD – Erica

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Erica back on our casual educator team after first registering with us in 2015. We are told that Erica is fantastic! She consistently receives amazing feedback from the centres she works at and the directors always mention how helpful she is and kind to the staff. Erica is also always responsive to instructions and interactive with the children. Thank you for your hard work Erica!


VIC – Betty

Since starting casual work for Expect A Star in September last year Betty has very quickly become a sought after educator at all of the centres she has been working at. She is also a favourite among the team at the office as she is flexible, willing to travel to different areas and is always happy to help out with shifts. Some of the feedback that Betty has received include being able to quickly form positive rapport with children of all ages and being an outgoing and personable educator that is able to quickly adapt to different environments and confidently undertake all required tasks. Betty is clearly passionate and the staff at the centres tell us  that she is a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your hard work!


February Star Candidates

ACT – Lola

The ACT star candidate for February is Lola Payenda! This month the casual team has chosen Lola for star candidate as  she is super enthusiastic to work, has been very consistent with accepting shifts, and is very friendly to everyone over the phone. Lola has only been with Expect A Star for a few months but during this time she has made a wonderful impression on the centres and we hope that she continues with her career in Early Childhood Education. Congrats Lola and thanks for being a Star!


NSW – Xiang (Carina)

Congrats Carina for being this month’s Star Candidate! Carina has been working with Expect A Star since 2018 and has done many shifts with us. During this time, she has proven to be a very flexible, reliable and passionate educator. She has become a regular at many centres and is continuously requested back. The team here at EAS always find Carina a delight to talk to and are happy to send her to new clients as she always receives such great feedback! Well done Carina, you have been a great asset to the casual team!


QLD – Nick

Congratulations to Nick for being picked as Star Candidate for February in Queensland! Nick only joined Expect A Star in December last year and throughout the past two months has shown to be a reliable, flexible and dedicated educator. Nick has quickly become a regular face at some centres and has slotted into their teams wonderfully! Well done and thank you for all of your hard work Nick!


VIC – Yoko

Yoko has been working for Expect A Star for almost a year now and is consistently requested back to the center’s she has worked at. The feedback that we always receive about Yoko include being confident, efficient and extremely helpful to the permanent staff. The centers also find Yoko to be very responsive to children’s needs and the children thoroughly enjoy her company and feel very comfortable around her. We also find Yoko to be a polite and helpful candidate; she is flexible and always willing to accept shifts at short notice. Thank you and well done Yoko!