Star Candidates February 2018

Star Candidates February 2018

5 March, 2018

Star Candidates February 2018

Another month of super star candidates for February 2018. Congratulations for to each of our winners below. Thank you for your on-going efforts! 

NSW - Carla

Carla commenced working with Expect A Star at the end of November 2017. During this short time she has been a consistent, reliable and dedicated candidate. Most recently she has been working with a centre to support them through their upcoming Assessment and Rating. She has managed to fit well into their team and they have trusted on her reliable support.  The centre director at this service, Brooke, has stated "Carla definitely deserves to be Star candidate and it has been a pleasure to have her at our service!"

The team here at Expect A Star really appreciate candidates who show consistency and commitment when supporting our clients. We would like to congratulate Carla on her efforts and are very happy to award her with star candidate of the month for February 2018. 

QLD – Kara

We have chosen Kara as our star candidate for February 2018 due to her enthusiasm and dedication to work with Expect A Star. Kara is very happy to regularly accept shifts and is flexible to work both in Long Day Care and OSHC which makes her a great asset to the casual team! When at the centres, she makes a really positive impression with clients often requesting her back and commenting on her positive performance. Well done Kara!

VIC - Marija 

Since starting at Expect A Star in August last year, Marija has become a sought after candidate with every centre she has worked at absolutely loving her and requesting her back! She has been commended for her friendly and approachable nature and ability to fit in and get along really well with all staff members. She has also consistently received positive feedback regarding her ability to form positive relationships with children. The children she has worked with have always very quickly warmed to Marija’s kind and nurturing nature and have responded positively to having her as one of their educators.  Marija is also always willing to help us out, often happily accepting work in different areas, making our job so much easier! We are more than happy to award her the title of Star Candidate of the Month. Well done Marija!

ACT - Sughra 

Sughra joined the team in October last year and has made a really positive impact in the short time she has been with us! When Sughra joined us her experience at centers was quite limited as she has only just enrolled in her course, however she was quickly receiving glowing feedback from the different centres we sent her to. She is often requested back by clients as she picks their routines and fits into the team with her helpful nature. Sughra has used casual work to develop her experience in the industry to complement her studies and we really appreciate her hard work.