Star Candidates December 2018

Star Candidates December 2018

7 January, 2019

Star Candidates December 2018

Hello 2019! To kick off the New Year we are announcing our EAS Star Candidates for December 2018. A big congratulations to all of our Star candidates who really stood out in the Early Childhood sector and we look forward to seeing many more amazing stars for 2019. 

QLD Star Candidate - Linda

Congratulations to Linda for being picked as Star Candidate for December in Queensland! Linda is a dedicated and passionate teacher who receives glowing feedback from centres. The centre staff praise her for being adaptable to different environments and her ability to quickly build positive rapport with children of all ages.  We also find Linda to be a reliable and helpful candidate who is happy to accept shifts of different qualifications and at short notice. Thank you for your great work Linda!

NSW Star Candidate - Monika

Monika is our star candidate in NSW for December 2018! She is a passionate diploma qualified educator with a wealth of experience. Monika receives always positive feedback and centres love her great interaction skills with all different age groups and helpful nature. The team also appreciates Monika's flexibility and willingness to travel. Congratulations Monika!

ACT Star Candidate - Sima 

Sima is our Star Candidate in ACT for December 2018 as she has impressed the team with her friendliness and positivity when calling the office. Staff recently commented that Sima was respectful with all educators and children, showed lots of initiative and really helped them out a lot. She was prepared for her shift with everything she needed – making a great first impression!

VIC Star Candidate - Yi Fang (Zoe)

Over the last few months of being part of the casual team at Expect A Star, Zoe has made a big effort to travel to many different centres, even the ones a little further away. Once there, centres have really enjoyed having her assist in the room commenting on her gentle nature and sensitive interactions with the children. Thanks for your hard work Zoe!