Star Candidates - August 2021

Star Candidates - August 2021

31 August, 2021

Star Candidates - August 2021

Our August Stars have shone this month with exceptional communication, attendance, and commitment. Thank you to all of our amazing staff who go above and beyond every day! But a special congratulations to... 

QLD - Hana:

The team has chosen you because of your availability, and hard effort to always help on shifts regardless of where it may be, you're regularly requested back to centres and always receiving great feedback. The team loves speaking to you as you're always so friendly and polite. Keep up the great work!


NSW - Arpana:

The team has chosen you because of your availability, you're extremely reliable even though we are in a lockdown and we know you will always answer your phone when we call each morning with emergency bookings! You're super flexible with where you will travel to and even took a day off of your studies to work to help one of the centres, amazing dedication!


VIC - Noor:

The team has chosen you because of how highly requested back to centres you are, you're receiving such great feedback, keep up the great work! We know we can always rely on you in the mornings to answer your phone, and you have such a kid warming nature which the staff here at EAS and the centres love.


ACT - Ming:

Ming had been an educator with EAS since the beginning of 2020 and has worked almost every single week since. She has been informing us of her availability for the coming month so that we can allocate her shifts accordingly. Ming has been requested back at the centres she has been to and the centre have enjoyed having her with the children that they have booked her in advance too. Thank you for being such a great educator and commited casual educator for EAS in the ACT!