Star Candidates August 2018

Star Candidates August 2018

6 September, 2018

Star Candidates August 2018

Thank for you hard work and commitment to your work. 

ACT – Cheryle

In the short time Cheryle has been working with Expect A Star, she had made a big impact on many of our centers. When Cheryle interviewed, her professionalism and experience in the industry really shone through and she has demonstrated this at every centre she has visited.Staff at centre have passed on glowing feedback right from Cheryl’s first shift and the casual team are very appreciative Cheryl is now part of the team!

VIC - Lingbo (Lyn) 

Lyn has only been working for Expect A Star since June this year and is a regularly requested candidate at all of the centres she has worked at so far. We find Lyn to be an extremely helpful candidate; she is flexible and willing to travel to different areas and is very helpful in covering a variety of shifts. The centres find Lyn to be personable and likeable by the staff, children and families. She very quickly forms a positive rapport with the staff and they feel that she works well as part of a team. They also feel that she has a positive and professional attitude and willingness to help out where necessary. Thank you Lyn for all of your hard work!

QLD Su-i (Stella)

Congratulations to Stella for being our August Star Candidate in QLD. Stella only started working with Expect A Star in June this year and has already become a favourite at many of the centres she has worked at, receiving only positive feedback from them. Some of the feedback that Stella has received include being able to engage and interact meaningfully with children of all ages and having a positive and helpful attitude. Well done and thank you for all of your hard work Stella!

NSW – Jenni

Expect A Star would like to say thank you to Jenni for her hard work and commitment over the last 3 years. Jenni is flexible and is always willing to help out. We really appreciate Jenni’s collaboration and communication with multiple staff members at the many centers she visits, we know they appreciate her being part of the team!