Star Candidate April 2018

Star Candidates April 2018

3 May, 2018

Star Candidates April 2018

QLD - Emma

Emma has been chosen as QLD Star Candidate for April 2018 as she has recently become a firm favourite at a number of her local centres. The centres request her back on a regular basis and express they are absolutely loving having visit as she picks up the routines very easily and always helps out where needed. The casual team always finds her a delight to work with due to her great communication and willingness to travel near and far for shifts!

NSW - Rinal 

Rinal commenced working with Expect A Star in June 2017. During this time she has completed many casual shifts with us and is consistent in her work availability. As of late, she has been requested back to centres where she has formed really good bonds and relationships with the children and staff. She is always flexible and reliable and is very willing to travel to where the shifts are. Thank you Rinal for your consistent effort over the last year. The team here at Expect A Star feel that you are very deserving of this award. Congratulations on being the start candidate of April 2018. 

VIC - Desiree (Cora) 

Desiree is an Early Childhood Teacher who returned to casual work with us in August last year after previously having worked for us for three years up until 2011. Desiree is a dedicated and passionate teacher who is able to very quickly form positive rapport with children, staff and families at the centres. She has recently been undertaking block work at a centre and due to her excellent performance and flexible and adaptable nature, the centre keeps extending her shifts! We really appreciate Desiree’s hard work and being a helpful and dependable candidate. Thank you and well done Desiree!

ACT - Dongyun (Lucy)

ACT star candidate for April 2018 is Dongyun (Lucy)! A number of directors have comments on her brilliant relationships with children of different ages and the centres are always very willing request her back for work. It is great to see Lucy gain so much experience on the floor whilst she completes her Cert III. Well done Lucy!