Early Childhood Educators Day at Expect A Star

Star Candidate of the Year 2017

13 September, 2017

Star Candidate of the Year 2017

In light of Early Childhood Educators Day last week, Expect A Star Team Leader (Permanent Division) Robyn awarded one of our Early Childhood Educators Star Candidate of the Year! Here is a little about Trish who received the award:

In honour of Early Childhood Educators' Day we are awarding Patricia Star Candidate of the Year 2017! Since she started working with us in 2015, Patricia has become a favourite at many centers she attends and is often booked up well in advance! Her love of early childhood education is infectious and centers often comment on her enthusiasm and energy; always ensuring she is busy helping the staff! The team in the office really appreciate Patricia's dedication and reliability, always ensuring she communicates regularly with the team and bending over backwards to help out when we are very busy! Patricia is a fantastic representative of our company and on behalf of the Expect A Star team we congratulate Patricia on being this year's star candidate!

Congratulations Trish!