Star Candidates 2020

Star Candidate Awards 2020

21 December, 2020

Star Candidate Awards 2020

Star Candidate Awards 2020

Last week we held our first ever live Start Candidate Award to celebrate our candidates’ hard work over 2020. Sasha and Jo joined candidates on Facebook Live to announce the winners to our three awards; Consultant Choice, Client Choice and Candidate Choice.

Each winner will receive a certificate and small gift in the post to congratulate them and show our appreciation. Here are all our winners for 2020!


Consultants Choice:

VIC – Ann

Its official, Ann  has been appointed the VIC Star Candidate of the year for 2020! Ann has been a part of the casual team since 2018 and has built strong relationships with clients and the consultants during this time. Ann has continued to work with Expect A Star throughout Covid and we thank her for her commitment and professionalism! Clients are quick to request Ann at their centres as she is always enthusiastic, warm and friendly with children and staff members.

We recognize the amazing effort you have demonstrated Ann!

Congratulations and THANKYOU from all of us at

Expect A Star!

QLD – Chelsea

Chelsea has been selected as the QLD Star Candidate of the Year for 2020!

The Consultants have chosen Chelsea for her excellent communication skills and reliability! Chelsea has been working with Expect A Star for the past 6 months and over this time has proven herself to be an excellent educator as she is very passionate about her role. She has also quickly become a regular at many centres as our clients have been very impressed with her dedicated work ethic.

Congratulations Chelsea, we really appreciate your effort and want to say a HUGE thank you for your hard work!

We look forward to continuing to work with you!

ACT – Anna

The consultants have spoken and have chosen Anna as our ACT Star Candidate of the year for 2020! This was a quick decision for the consultants as Anna’s started working with us in 2019 and her feedback from clients is always positive. She is willing to help and contribute to support the permanent staff members which is very appreciated. She is also willing to help  the consultants by travelling for work, being flexible with shift times and is considerate of other candidates and their transport arrangements. Her lovely phone manners and personality have also made a big impression on the casual team!

Thank you for your commitment over the years

and congratulations on your success!

NSW – Michelle

Michelle has been hand picked by our consultants as the NSW star candidate of the year for 2020! Since Michelle started working with us at the beginning of the year she has worked in a variety of childcare centers and has left a fantastic impression everywhere she has been! Clients are always happy to have her back and enjoy having her work at their centers. Michelle is always positive, polite and friendly over the phone to all of the consultants as well! Its because of this great attitude and feedback from clients that we picked Michelle. We would like to say a huge congratulations and thank you to Michelle for her hard work over 2020!

We are grateful for your efforts and love having you

be part of the Expect A Star team!


Client Choice:


The votes have been counted and our clients choice for Star Candidate of the Year 2020 has awarded to Neelam Giri! Neelam has been recognized by our clients for her hardworking attitude and for being a team player! Neelam has been working with Expect A Star from the start of 2019 and she consistently receives positive feedback from each centre she attends.

Centres commented that she was fantastic as they love her interactions with children and her willingness to help out and support the team wherever she is required.

We would like to take this opportunity to say,

THANKYOU Neelam for all of your achievements and

Congratulations on the award!


Mia has been awarded the clients choice Star Candidate of the Year for 2020! “She is AMAZING” is the direct quote our client used to describe Mia and we couldn’t agree more! Mia is an exceptional candidate with the ability and confidence to step into new environments and shine!

Mia joined Expect A Star in 2016 and has continued to receive positive feedback throughout her entire time with us with centres always describing Mia as being super helpful, proactive and energetic.

We are thrilled to announce Mia as our 2020 Star candidate and acknowledge her wonderful efforts.

Thankyou Mia for your dedication, Know that it is

recognized and greatly appreciated!


Candidate Choice:


Kellie has been awarded the Star Candidate of the year for 2020 by the candidates! Kellie has been recognized by her peers as an inspiring educator who have passed on this excellent feedback. “Kellie is just a joy to work with.  She is always so bright and happy and the staff and kids love her.  If she has spent her day in a particular room before she leaves she will drop in and say goodbye with a hug to children she hadn't seen that day.” This is amazing feedback and we are super proud of her for all of her hard work.

Congratulations Kellie! You have done a wonderful job and we are

very thankful to have you be part of Expect A Star!


We would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for everyone who has worked with us throughout 2020!