Everything You Need to Know - Salary & Job Growth of an Early Childhood Educator

Everything You Need to Know - Salary & Job Growth of an Early Childhood Educator

8 June, 2021

Everything You Need to Know - Salary & Job Growth of an Early Childhood Educator

Good news, the industry is bouncing back! As Australia moves past the initial phase of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the outlook for the Early Childhood Education workforce is looking promising.

Currently, there are 4,648 job ads live on SEEK and judging by the demand for teachers, educators, room leaders, and casual staff our Expect A Star team receives every day, we anticipate that number to steadily rise over the coming months.

In fact, prior to the Australian jobs market changing in response to COVID-19, the number of people working in Early Childhood Education grew substantially over 5 years: from 27,000 in 2014 to 42,300 in 2019.

General Manager of Expect A Star, Amanda Lawson, said this could be contributed to the many career avenues that people can explore once they enter early childhood education, and of course, the joyous and vibrant nature of this industry.

“The best part about early childhood education is that it welcomes people of all skill levels. For casual workers with little to no experience, it provides an opportunity for them to find their feet in the industry, and for permanent workers, to develop their expertise and progress to a Director or Room Leader position.”

Governed predominantly by the Children Services Award (2010) published by the Fair Work Commission, there are four primary factors that influence the wages, salaries, and pay rates that an Early Childhood Educator can potentially earn.

The salaries of childcare jobs often vary from centre to centre but is also dependant on 1) Education (Certificate qualified, Diploma qualified or Bachelor qualified), 2) Job Responsibilities, 3) Work Experience, and 4) Full-Time, Part-Time or Casual.

For example, if you are a Bachelor qualified candidate is commencing a full-time role, you can expect a starting salary from $47k per year, which will gradually increase as your experience and responsibilities grow.

However, whilst the average salary usually starts at $47k, Expect A Star can negotiate on the candidate’s behalf to get them above the award rate – approximately $63k for a new graduate and up to $150k for a Director or Area Manager role.

Alternatively, if you’re working on a casual basis, you could be eligible for higher pay rates if you’re happy to turn up on call and at short notice, which is often the case at Expect A Star as full-time employees are sick or on leave.

At the end of the day, each childcare centre operates differently and there can be slight variations in wages and salaries. For a complete rundown of the childcare wages stipulated in the Children Services Award please visit the Fairwork Commission website.