Nature Play Week - 6th - 16th April 2022

Nature Play Week - 6th - 16th April 2022

13 April, 2022

Nature Play Week - 6th - 16th April 2022

Messy Kitchen play.

This open ended experience can provide hours of fun! It also encourages the children to develop their imagination and creativity skills. Providing resources that can be found outdoors (ranging from sticks, leaves, gum nuts, sand, water, rocks... the world is your oyster) and kitchen utensils (tongs, ladles, pots and pans etc.) can transform your outdoor area to a professional chefs kitchen, supermarket or anything that the child's mind leads them to.


Bug Hunting.

Go Outdoors and enjoy the creepy crawlies with fearless toddlers/ preschoolers. Use magnifying glasses, colour pencils and paper to search for and document what the children can see. Open ended questions can be presented to develop learning and language, e.g. how many legs does the bug have? what is the bug doing? provide the children with a photograph of garden bugs to play bug bingo if you group loves a bit of competition and team work.


Print a Picture.

We all love painting pictures but imagine how fun it will be using a mode of art that encourages investigation and experimentation to create. Introduce objects such as different sized/textured leaves and flowers, rocks and bark, along with paint to trace onto paper to see what imprints.


Natural Instruments.

Experiment sound and music through everyday materials! Use wooden/metal spoons, plastic/metal containers, jars with materials inside, etc. along with music to explore creativity, volume, tempo and rhythm. This is a fun and exciting way to get the children involved in a music experience, this experience can also be taken outside into the garden and use the outdoor deck, rocks, shed as a instrument too!