NAIDOC Week 2018 Winner

NAIDOC Week 2018 Competition Winner

17 July, 2018

NAIDOC Week 2018 Competition Winner

Congratulations to Aniko from NSW who submitted the following entry on Dr Anita Heiss as an  Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander woman that inspires her. Aniko has won a hamper of educator resources for her centre. 

Australia has so many significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have played crucial roles in Australia’s history and social life.

However, as an Early Childhood Educator, I admire a Wiradjuri woman, Dr Anita Heiss, and her work the most.

Dr Heiss is a contemporary Australian, award-winning author. Also, she is an Indigenous Literacy Day Ambassador and an Adjunct Professor with Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning. She has written several books which discover aspects of Australian history and society not covered in the education system or other areas of Australian children’s book publishing.

Dr Heiss wants to make a change in children’s lives, and she wants them to be inspired and encouraged to read books. I think that is a fantastic goal since these stories help children to understand more about their own culture and background.

These books provide role‐model characters or storylines with greater social purpose; also, moral lessons and stories that not only engage and entertain young readers but also outline that documenting language is vital for keeping cultural values.

I believe that quality education of history and culture is vital and might lead to generations of individuals who have a strong sense of identity, values and also appreciate and respect their own culture and history.