Meet The Team

Meet The Team

21 October, 2021

Meet The Team

What is your role at expect a star?

I am responsible for sourcing, reviewing and ensuring candidates fit into their role. My daily routine involves conducting interviews, candidate selection and providing feedback to our clients and candidates as well. 

What I love about this role?

Fulfilling each role brings so much satisfaction to me. As a recruiter, I am happy when a candidate gets selected for the role by my client as it is helping his/her dreams become achievable. I can also positively impact others by helping them improve and understand how they can better develop in areas they might be lacking.

My days off you can probably find me?

On my days off, you can probably see me with my partner and friends at the beach.


An interesting fact about myself? 

I have an elephant tattoo in my arms which for me symbolises positive love relationship, divine love and sacrifices.