Early Childhood Educators

Happy Early Childhood Educator’s Day

4 September, 2019

Happy Early Childhood Educator’s Day

Today at Expect A Star we are celebrating Early Childhood Educator’s Day 2019. We would like to say an enormous thank you to all our candidates and clients for their hard work and determination working every day to enrich the lives of children across Australia. 

At Expect A Star, we know it takes a special person to be an early educator!

To celebrate the day, we have chosen a Star Candidate of the Year  2019 


Joanne is our Star Candidate of the Year from 2018-2019! Since Joanne started working with us in 2016 she has quickly become a regular at many centres she attends. Centres often comment on her motivation and passion for early childhood education. Joanne is always very positive and friendly, being a great help for permanent staff members! She is confident building relationships and engaging with all the children in her care. The team in the office appreciates Joanne’s flexibility and reliability in busy times. We would like to say a huge congratulation and thank you to Joanne for her commitment over the last years! 

Joanne wins an online tutorial from Gowrie NSW as a thank you for all her hard work with us!