Does Your Centre Need A Peace Corner?

Does Your Centre Need A Peace Corner?

21 July, 2021

Does Your Centre Need A Peace Corner?

Factors such as Emotional Regulation or Self-awareness are crucial in a child’s development. As educators to such a small age group, ensuring we manage and encourage these things is a large part of our role.

As key people in these children’s lives, it’s partially our responsibility to ensure that we’re helping them to achieve these steps. While they need stimulation through lessons and entertainment, a relaxation or Peace Corner can give them the opportunity to learn developmental lessons.

As we know, children often feel things very intensely so when they’re surrounded by a range of activities they can sometimes become over-stimulated at different times and in different ways. Children who experience ADHD, autism, or other sensory-processing disorders, can become extremely overwhelmed which can turn into a greater reaction.

Creating a Peace Corner in your centre can not only act as a safe place for children, but also achieve other healthy outcomes, including:

  • A chance to regulate emotions
  • Achieving self-awareness and self-management
  • Communication and friendship stability
  • A chance to learn how to relax alone
  • Can help them control impulsive behaviour without intervention
  • Can teach valuable boundaries for children later in life
  • Creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills


As an educator, it is crucial that we are allowing children to find their feet in these ways. Simple activities within the Peace Corner can help them target their emotions in a proactive way.

While your Peace Corner depends on the age of children you’re teaching, some key things to include could be:

  • Soft toys – this encourages relaxation
  • Sensory activities like slime and beads – this helps children put their emotions into something else
  • Visuals such as fairy lights or kaleidoscopes – this will help them with creativity and emotion regulation


While these are small elements that are usually found in childcare centres, by titling a space the Peace Corner, or something else that suits your Centre, children can change their thinking patterns and attitudes while also helping them make valuable developmental steps.