Casual Early Childhood Educator Tips

Casual Early Childhood Educator Tips

2 May, 2017

Casual Early Childhood Educator Tips

Casualisation of the early childhood workforce is becoming an increasing concept in Australia and does offer several benefits to those who are employed casually. As an employee, the main benefit of casual work is the autonomy and flexibility to decide your own working hours. This can be especially beneficial for students needing to fit work around their studies or parents working around family commitments. This article outlines some tips to consider when working casually as an early childhood educator.

> Communication

Early childhood educators working casually through an agency face particular challenges as they are expected to travel to different centres for each shift – every day can feel like a new job! To overcome this challenge, it is essential to remember that communication is key when working in a new setting. Asking plenty of questions on the children’s daily habits and the organisation’s philosophy assists in understanding and learning the centre’s routine and programming. By effectively communicating and asking for help, casual educators often find that the centre’s permanent staff are eager to offer their assistance. The knowledge that casual educators gain from effective communication in a variety of different childcare environments can prove invaluable when searching for a permanent position.

> Enthusiasm

Understandably, going to a new centre for every shift during your first few weeks is a challenge. Every new position involves a learning curve, and making mistakes can be frustrating. Nevertheless, it is important to never show any negativity to the permanent staff and the children at the centre. Enthusiasm is key! Smile and let your personality and passion for working with children come through. Permanent staff will be sympathetic to any challenges you are facing if you show a commitment to learning and improvement.

> Learning

Early childhood educators in all settings must realise the importance of familiarising oneself with developments and changes to the early childhood industry in Australia. A great place to start is - check this website routinely for updates to the industry. Make sure to follow early childhood recruitment agencies and organisations on LinkedIn as well. Keep up to date on recent reports and invest in professional development opportunities to discover new techniques! Showing this initiative and having a solid understanding of the industry shows directors and supervisors your enthusiasm and passion for the sector and furthermore, your career.

> Child Interaction

Lastly, it is crucial to keep in mind how you bond with children you’re interacting with. It is important to get down to their level and understand that each child has a different learning style. Integrating yourself into the children’s structured environment and consistent daily routines assists in their development and education.  

To sum up, in order to be a valuable casual child care educator, it is important to show initiative, enthusiasm, communicate effectively, and form bonds with children. Taking mistakes in stride and viewing challenges as an opportunity learning and improvement will greatly improve your success as an educator.

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