Expect A Star - Star Candidates September 2019

September Star Candidates!

8 October, 2019

September Star Candidates!

Well done to our Expect A Star Candidates for September 2019! Congratulations to the following stars for all of your wonderful work in the Early Childhood sector.

NSW- Mateo

Mateo has only recently joined Expect A Star but is already a regular with several centres. He receives great feedback everywhere we send him to and gets regularly requested back to services. Mateo is a passionate Certificate III qualified educator who is confident interacting with children of different age groups. Clients tell us that Mateo is an adaptable candidate and always a team player.  The team appreciates his friendly and enthusiastic attitude on the phone and is happy to have him as part of our casual educator team.

Well done and thank you for your hard work!

ACT – Siu Kian

Siu Kian is our Star Candidate in Canberra for September!

Since she joined Expect A Star as a casual educator she received glowing feedback from clients and is a regular with several centres. She is very enthusiastic and happy to help out and follow instructions from permanent staff members. Centres also tell us that she is always very friendly and picks up new things quickly. The team in the office appreciates that Siu Kian is very reliable and always keeps us updated. 

Thank you for your hard work Siu Kian!

VIC – Angelique

Angelique is a dedicated childcare cook that always exudes professionalism and a positive attitude. Angelique only recently started working for Expect A Star and has already been consistently requested back to the centres she has worked at. Centres have told us that Angelique goes above and beyond in ensuring that the meals are served on time, all dietary requirements including allergies are triple checked and catered for and that the meals are delicious! She is also extremely personable and makes an effort to speak to all staff and the families have also provided positive feedback about her friendly nature. Thank you Angelique for all of your hard work!

QLD – Davinder

Davinder is receiving the award for the September Star Candidate as she has demonstrated a dedication to learning and improving in her knowledge and teaching practice. Davinder is also a polite and friendly candidate and both the centres and the casual team at Expect A Star find her to be a pleasure to work with. Well done Davinder and thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm.