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Standard Client Agreement

Our service is unique in that we operate exclusively in the Early Childhood and Care sector, so we understand the specific needs of early childhood professionals, centres and most importantly children. We can assist your early childhood service in the following ways:

  • Casual and permanent recruitment of staff
  • Training

To sign up to Expect A Star services, please complete the application form below. Should you require any assistance with the application process you can contact one of our team on 1300 669 653. When the form has been submitted Expect A Star can assist you with any immediate or ongoing requirements in the areas of staffing, recruitment and training.

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Payment Options

We offer two payment methods, which attract different rates for both Permanent & Casual services:

  • Direct Deposit / Cheque / EFTPOS – attract Standard Rates
  • Direct Debit – attract Direct Debit Rates (& other benefits)

The method of payment opted for, will attract the applicable rates set out in our associated Fee Schedule.

Please tick your selected your payment option:

Direct Debit Option

To finalise Direct Debit please complete the Direct Debit Request Form.

Standard Option

The payment terms are 7 days. A personal guarantee may also be required if you are registered as a Pty Ltd company.

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By ticking this box, the “Client” agrees to be bound by the supplier’s terms and conditions as they are expressed in the document headed Terms of Business, in conjunction with the document headed Fee Schedule provided at the time of executing this present application and/or as they are amended or altered and notified in writing to the Client from time to time. Should any copies of these documents be required please contact the supplier on 1300 669 653 for assistance.